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"(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?" is the 607th episode of Casualty and the 17th episode of the 22nd series. It was preceded by "Snowball" and followed by "Take a Cup of Kindness Yet".


It's Tess' last day before she will be made redundant, While Charlie and Tess drop Louis off at a friends house they witness a woman being dragged under a car. Meanwhile an overweight woman comes in to the hospital with stomach pains when it turns out that she has lost her baby. Toby realises that she may be cheating on her husband, Charlie tells him to tread carefully. After the woman phone's Charlie she tells him where she hid the baby, Charlie gets a lift from Dixie and Jeff and they find the baby, freezing cold. Jeff places the baby inside his top as Charlie says it's the best way to warm it up. As they make their way back Charlie gets out the ambulance after seeing Louis, who didn't turn up at his friends house, walking down the street.

As he follows Louis he comes across the car from earlier that ran down the woman. The man then hits Charlie after the police give chase. The team give Tess a send off and they arrange a trip for her to go see her son, Sam. After Toby's patient, the woman with the baby, crashes he preforms a solo cardiac shock. After Maggie congratulates him, he snogs Maggie under the mistletoe. Charlie suspects that something more may be going on between the two doctors. After Charlie tells the man who dragged the woman under the car that she died, Charlie punches the patient after he makes remarks about her, the patient retaliates injuring Charlie. Harry asks for Charlie's resignation, to which Charlie accepts in order to let Tess keep her job and to spend more time with Louis.

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