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Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City
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On 8 September 2007, animal rights activists Denny Davidson and Nell Mendez planned to detonate a peroxide bomb at an animal testing facility. However, as the bomb, which was concealed in a suitcase, was loaded onto a coach on Hesketh Road, it exploded unexpectedly, resulting in the destruction of several adjacent buildings and dozens of casualties.

As emergency services worked to rescue survivors and remove bodies, a regretful Denny aided medics by providing first aid and offering support to survivors and distraught relatives. Nell was injured by a shard of metal and was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment. There, she admitted to handling explosives, but she suffered a catastrophic stroke before she could confirm the existence of additional devices. Upon the discovery of a suspicious rucksack, the department was evacuated, and Denny prepared to kill himself to evade justice. However, senior charge nurse Charlie Fairhead convinced him otherwise, and he surrendered himself to the police.


Over 12 people were killed in the bombing:

An unknown amount of people were injured during and after the explosion: