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The 2017 Holby City Hospital shooting was a shooting spree perpetrated by Fredrik Johanssen, a former hospital registrar and son of chief executive officer Henrik Hanssen, on 5 December 2017.


  • Fredrik enters Holby City Hospital, armed, and cuts off the power supply to AAU.
  • Jac Naylor is shot in the back by Fredrik in the hospital's basement.[1]
  • Raffaello Di Lucca is shot in the neck by Fredrik in a lift from AAU. The patient he was relocating - Rosie Cranham - is injured by shrapnel.
  • Fredrik enters AAU.
  • 15:13 - Patients on Keller are relocated to one end of the ward.
  • 15:35 - Fredrik enters the Darwin Ward and uses a security code to access theatre. Oliver Valentine is shot in the head.
  • Fredrik arrives on Keller and prepares to shoot Dominic Copeland. Henrik Hanssen shouts for Fredrik and the two confront. Armed police arrive on Keller.
  • 15:58 - Fredrik is shot and killed by police. Hanssen orders for the reinstatement of the lifts. Raf's body is discovered by Sacha Levy and John Gaskell.

Notes and references

  1. On Jac's phone, the time is displayed at 15:50, which conflicts with the times shown in theatre and on the news channel.
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