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Filming suspended

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the BBC have announced that filming of all BBC Studios continuing dramas, including Casualty and Holby City, has been postponed until further notice. New episodes of Casualty will not air until later in the summer; Holby City will return to BBC One on 2 June.

30 May 2020

When Charlie inadvertently gets caught up in a hostage situation at the ED, he must decide where his loyalties lie. Dylan does everything he can to keep Faith safe, putting his life on the line in the process.

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20 June 2020

Ethan is forced into action after a dangerous accident at Holby Comic Con. Can he push past his lingering PTSD and save the day? Jacob betrays Nate's trust, jeopardising their friendship. Faith turns to Dylan for comfort in a crisis.

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2 June 2020

Essie’s friends try to keep things normal as she continues her chemotherapy. Jac and Kian’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, and can Guy keep his relationship under wraps?

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9 June 2020

Essie puts on a brave face, but the effects of chemo start to take a toll. Guy has a lot to prove as he faces a challenging case on his first day on AAU, and Jac tries to keep things professional with Kian on the ward, but he has other ideas.

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