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"A Breed Apart" is the 135th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 9th series.


The department braces itself for the fall-out from an anti-racist demonstration against the racist group AXE. A handyman turns up at the department with a cut hand and does a number of odd jobs, while Charlie learns an old man has been unable to wash his own feet and washes them for him. Graham Evans leads a group of demonstrators, including Ash's friend Patrick, down a back street where they encounter AXE thugs and a riot breaks out, during which Patrick's girlfriend Nikki is crushed, later dying in hospital. Rachel hides in the toilet when AXE turn up at the hospital for treatment and Kate convinces her to get counselling. Leading member Mark Hitchens is thrown out after threatening Eddie and getting into a fight with Ash. Matt recognizes Evans as a member of AXE and admits to Charlie he was friends with the group when he was younger, not understanding what they stood for. Ash is sent home but Hitchens attacks him with a knife outside the hospital. Eddie sees Ash strike him, but fails to notice Evans hiding the knife.

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