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"A Lesser Good" is the 726th episode of Casualty and the 40th episode of the 24th series.


Jordan faces a moral dilemma as the source behind the cryptococcsis outbreak is revealed, and security is paramount as a dangerous Class-A prisoner is blue-lighted into the Emergency Department.

Jordan prepares to report Robert’s involvement in the drug trial which caused the cryptococcsis outbreak but has second thoughts when he realises it could jeopardise the JAFA fellowship and Holby City’s Centre of Excellence, which he has worked so hard to establish. He decides to keep it quiet for now, but eager Lenny is still determined to discover exactly who is behind the deaths.

Meanwhile, Class-A prisoner Jackson has been stabbed in prison. Polly and Jeff blue-light him to the ED, accompanied by retiring prison guard Royson, while idealistic young guard Arun travels by car. When Arun’s car collides with a lorry, Royson suspects an escape attempt and insists that Jeff attends to Jackson while he drives the ambulance and Polly stays behind with the severely injured young guard.

Jordan reminds the team of the procedure for dealing with Class-A prisoners, including not engaging in conversation or revealing Jackson’s identity, but the team find out that Jackson has been convicted for murdering his entire family, including a baby. As Adam treats Jackson, the prisoner plays a game of psychological cat and mouse. Can Adam keep his cool and work out the mystery behind Jackson’s injury? And can it in some way help him come to terms with his own loss?

Reflecting on his earlier conversation with Robert, Jordan scours the drug trial notes to try to work out which patients received the dangerous drug and which received the placebo. But when Jordan discovers that not even Robert knows which patients received which, he makes the startling realisation that one of the Holby ED team could be in mortal danger…

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