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"A Life Less Lived" is the 48th and final episode of the 28th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "The Sicilian Defence" and followed by "Learning to Fly". It marked the temporary departure of Zoe Hanna.


Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea but is exposed with some help from Lily. Connie is made aware of the incident, and puts Cal on the spot, knowing he won't know the details of the proposal.

Zoe starts her birthday off with a check-up and her doctor is alarmed by her unhealthy lifestyle. When she turns up late for work, Connie suggests Zoe takes an extended holiday. Meanwhile, returning patient Molly, a recovering-alcoholic, tells Zoe a few home truths.

After a turbulent day Zoe makes the decision to quit and hands in her notice to Connie. Zoe reveals her decision to Max who tells her that he loves her.

Jeff thinks he's being followed and suspects Tamzin's boyfriend, Dave. However, once he meets Dave, Jeff realises it can't possibly be him. Meanwhile, Rita's drinking continues, and staff and patients begin to notice when she turns up for work hungover.

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