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A Lion Roars was the twenty-second episode of Series 25 and the 756th episode of Casualty overall.


Adam wakes to find an empty flat. Kirsty has left and is back at home with Nita. Having decided to leave violent husband Warren, she covertly digs out Nita's passport. But she is forced to hide it when Warren catches her unawares and makes her promise never to leave again. Forced to act as though everything is normal at work, Kirsty plans her escape. But will she and Nita make it out of Holby without Warren and her colleagues noticing?

New mum Ronnie is carjacked but the thieves don't realise baby Anushka is in the back. Ronnie is taken to the ED and frantically waits for news of her baby. The jackers, Chris and Stan, are at a loss as to how to keep Anushka quiet. But Stan is horrified to learn Chris has given her methadone and races her to the ED where Jordan, Tess and Adam work to save her.

The team are devastated that they failed to notice the extent of Ruth's mental health problems. Jordan gives a pep talk but his hard exterior is not what they want right now. As he concerns himself with righting mistakes Ruth may have made before she left the ED, the staff try to find ways to let her know they are thinking of her.

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