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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"A Moment of Clarity" is the 952nd episode of Casualty and the 37th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "The Golden Hours" and followed by "Heart Over Head". The episode was directed by Claire Winyard and written by Claire Miller.


Charlie goes upstairs to see Louis and runs him a bath. He tries to make him some breakfast but after they run out of bread Louis suggests the go on a shopping run. Feeling that there not up to going out yet Charlie calls Tess and asks if she will bring it over. Tess comes over later with the shopping and a box of chocolate from the ED and sits with Louis whilst Charlie goes for a lay down, however after Louis asks Tess to get him a blanket he escapes out the front door.

After the nurses hear that Matt died in the night they rally together and want to sell some of the shirts he left in the ED to make some money for Charity. Cal decides to sell a picture of him naked to make money for him.

An elderly women called Anne becomes distant and distracted, she goes the wrong way round the round about and up the wrong side of the road causing her to crash into the Car of a mother and daughter. Her husband is confused and appears not to have any injuries. When she is admitted Ann is cleared of and neck injury by doctor Keogh but he notices her shuffle toward her husband instead of walking, however when Dylan treats her for it she goes into V.F and later dies and find out she had carbon monoxide poisoning. Dixie and Ian later bring in their son Sam after the realise that he to has carbon monoxide poisoning. Dylan treats him and he makes a full recovery

The mother and daughter are preparing for a pageant when they are hit by and elderly couple's car. The Mother has no injuries just a few cuts and bruises however the daughter (Jane) has a fractured arm. When she starts to vomit Cal asks Robyn to put a tube through her nose to flush out her stomach however what comes out with the tube is much worse it reveals that there are parasites in her stomach. When Cal says that she needs to have surgery to have the Tapeworm removed the mother insists that she can take a pill. This is when Cal finds out that the mother put Jane on the tapeworm diet to help her loose weight but didn't tell her, so she continued to diet and made the tapeworms worse. Cal convinces the mother to tell her daughter and they go for the surgery.