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"A Pound of Flesh" is the 792nd episode of Casualty and the 11th episode of the 26th series.


When 16-year-old Jamal is released after serving a sentence for a fatal stabbing, his victim's sister Ketzia plans a revenge attack, inadvertently injuring Jamal's young brother. The violence escalates as Jamal's family retaliates and Ketzia's mother, hospital volunteer Rosa, is stabbed. Can the circle of violence ever be broken?

Meanwhile, Jeff and Dixie suspect elderly patient Malc of using their ambulance as a taxi service – until Lloyd gets to the bottom of the medical mystery – and Lenny receives an upsetting letter from Pakistan; former love Mads is engaged to be married...


Main Characters
Recurring Characters
Azuka Oforka as Louise Tilney
Other Characters
William Gaunt as Malc Stroud
Aicha Kossoko as Rosa Onwukwe
Dani Cey as Ketzia Onwukwe
Karl Queensborough as Jamal Lewis
Karen Seacombe as Deniece Lewis
Jodie Bagnell as Laney Watson
Tyrese Hafizi as Tyreece Lewis