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"A Quiet Night" is the 36th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 3rd series. It was preceded by "Burn Out" and followed by "A Wing and a Prayer. The episode was directed by Graham Theakston and written by David Ashton.


Charlie meets Megan at the train station as she returns to work after that fateful night and she feel Ewart's family were wrong in not letting his friends attend his funeral. She tells him she had to have more tests and relieved to find the cancer hasn't returned and Ewart knew about it. A rugby player comes in with a broken nose but it's his mate who tries the patience of the staff, complaining about being kept waiting for him. Valerie Sinclair's found in Ewart's office by Charlie looking for some papers he had and Megan's shocked when a woman confides in her that her husband died suddenly and she hasn't told anyone. A farmer injures his hand on some machinery and his wife, realising it needs stitches, sends him to hospital. A group of rowdy teenagers going aboard, cause one of the mini bus drivers to taking his mind off the road and into the path of the injured farmer's car. Both buses crash and the farmer's car bursts into flames, killing him in the inferno.

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