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"A Wing And A Prayer" is the 37th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 3rd series. The episode was due to be transmitted on 21st October 1988, but was postponed following the death of its guest star Roy Kinnear. It was eventually screened on 5th August 1989.


Aired only as a repeat. A patient brought in by his boss, is wrongly accused of glue sniffing but when another man comes in with the same symptoms and suffers a heart attack, the workplace's suspected of being the cause. A GP calls for an ambulance for her elderly patient, as bed shortages cause problems and when no bed can be found for him, it's decided to transfer him but dies on the journey, leaving his daughter distraught. A young mother leaves her new born son for the first time and ends up in casualty, to find he was a victim of cot death, but she blames her husband. Megan takes the parents to see their baby and arrangements are made for them to have their son christened. When two students nurses are robbed in their rooms, Cyril offers them accommodation where he lives. Sadie worries about Kuba when he realises his job's in jeopardy and he seeks reassurances from Valerie.

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