Aaron McKiernan (born 2003/2004) is a male resident of Holby.


At some point, Aaron's father James fell off a ladder and broke his neck whilst building a music studio for them to jam in. This left him tetraplegic, and Aaron's mother Maggie believed that he was responsible for the accident.

On 11 May 2019, on James' 40th birthday, he began to seize, and Aaron unsuccessfully tried to stop him from rolling off his bed. Maggie heard the commotion, and, horrified, she blamed Aaron for what had happened. Once the paramedics arrived, Aaron refused to be treated, but Iain Dean promised him that he would have him seen to as quickly as possible.

At the ED, paediatric registrar Will Noble and staff nurse David Hide tried to treat Aaron's head wound, but he refused on account of the discomfort the procedure was causing him. Iain overheard, and Aaron agreed to be treated if Maggie was there with him. Iain tried to convince Maggie that Aaron needed him, but she insisted that he was just being difficult and opted to stay with James. Later, registrar Archie Hudson informed her that James' chest infection had rendered him inoperable. Devastated, she lashed out at Aaron. Iain tried to tell her that he was scared for James' health too and claimed that he was not to blame, but she begged to differ. Aaron pressed her to admit that she blamed him for his father's accident, and she scolded him for taking his foot off the ladder.

Back at his home, angry, Aaron started destroying the incomplete studio, causing several wooden beams to fall on top of him. Outside the ED, Maggie started to panic when she received a phone call from Aaron, and Iain accompanied her back to the house. There, they found him with a dislocated open fracture. With Maggie's help, Iain managed to relocate the fracture, and she apologised to her son for her treatment of him. (CAS: Episode 1126)

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