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"Accidents Happen" is the 286th episode of Casualty and the second episode of series 15. The episode was directed by Dominic Lees and written by Jeff Povey.


Charlie returns to the emergency department for his first day back as clinical nurse manager, but new senior staff nurse Colette mistakes him for a member of the public and forces him out of resus. At home, Brian Collins manages to install a stairlift for his newly disabled wife Cheryl and prepares for a job interview. As Jody Ingram takes her son Denny to football training, Denny expresses an interest in finding and meeting his father. Back at the ED, Patrick reprimands Colette for failing to turn up while he was treating a young girl named Christie who had swallowed batteries. Charlie receives a message from Dan asking him to put forward a member of staff for an interview with Nick Costello, a feature writer for the Holby Gazette. Meanwhile, Brian is nervous about the interview, but Cheryl assures him that, just because her life has changed, his does not necessarily have to. Charlie approaches Max about the interview, and he agrees to do it.

On the football pitch, Jody tells Ed Connors — Denny's coach and biological father — that she does not want to keep his paternity a secret from Denny anymore, but Ed fears that Denny will hate him. At the ED, Charlie is frustrated to find that patients have been waiting in cubicles overnight for beds on the wards and decides to confront Dan. Meanwhile, an excited Reuben informs Adam that they have been given the keys to their new flat; Adam is delighted and agrees to visit it with him during a break. At the interview, Brian is pressed about his wobble over the past year, and Brian reluctantly explains that he was responsible for an accident that resulted in Cheryl becoming disabled as well as the death of their unborn child. Ashamed, he leaves the interview. Ed takes Denny out for a ride on his motorbike, but Jody promptly pursues them after Denny forgets his inhaler. Adam and Reuben excitedly dash around their new flat, and Reuben urges Adam to stay for a while longer to enjoy a celebratory lunch.

Charlie complains to Dan about the new beds slowing the admission procedure and demands that they be removed. After noticing Patrick's impoliteness, Colette suggests fining him for every rude remarks he makes. Duffy blames herself for allowing Dan to institute the additional beds, but Charlie assures her that she managed the department well in his absence. On the road, as Jody tries to give Denny his inhaler, Brian accidentally causes Ed and Denny to crash and collides with a grit bin. While Amy helps Charlie clear out his office, Duffy informs the latter about the incident. Charlie instructs his staff to move all patients with an allocated ward bed upstairs immediately in order to clear space for the incoming casualties. However, he is forced to retrieve Chloe after she ends up stranded on a ward after not being allowed to leave her patient unattended. At the scene of the accident, the paramedics help Ed, Denny and Brian board the ambulances, but Jody ends up injured when the aerosols in Brian's car explode.

The road casualties are taken to the ED. Brian blames himself for the accident and Jody's injuries and denigrates himself as an "expert in ruining people's lives". In resus, Patrick struggles to treat Jody's pneumothorax, but he eventually manages to fit a chest drain in, and Jody's condition improves. When Josh's colleagues taunt him for patronising Colette the week before, Colette assures him that it is forgotten. Fearing that she could potentially die, Jody insists that Denny be with his father and informs the staff of Ed's identity. When Cheryl visits Brian in his cubicle, he proclaims that he is useless and that she is better off without him. Denny is euphoric to learn that his father is being treated in the department, but he is taken to Ed who tells Denny the truth. Denny berates Ed for leaving Jody and lying to him, and proclaims that he hates Ed. Cheryl finds Brian in the corridor and tells him that the company wants to offer him the job.

Outside the department, Chloe tries to reassure Denny after his discovery but ultimately tells him to be grateful to be leaving hospital with a new relative. Max approaches Holly about the interview with the Gazette and manages to convince her to take his place. Ed visits Jody in resus and decides to take responsibility for their affair so Denny would only hate him. As Ed leaves the department, Denny refers to him as "Dad" and tests whether or not Ed shares his personality. Dan informs Charlie that a complaint has been made by a ward manager about his behaviour regarding Chloe and the patient, but Charlie stands by his actions and argues that patients will die if the beds are not removed. Dan accepts Charlie's point of view and agrees to speak to the CEO. Duffy is surprised by Dan's accommodating demeanour, but Charlie suggests that they keep an eye on him. In the staff room, Patrick takes umbrage when he finds out about the fining scheme, prompting Spencer to explain that Patrick had ordered the staff pizzas. Barney tries to thank Patrick and claim that they had no idea, but Patrick tells him to "forget it".


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