Adam Sands is a man who lives in Holby.


At the age of 16, Adam married Sofie Barker. He was extremely controlling of her, and he hated it when she went out. At some point, she believed that, if she did not leave him, he would eventually kill her, so she left. Adam later found out that she had started dating a woman named Bo Nuanji.

On 29 June 2019, Adam followed Bo to the carpark that Sofie was waiting for her at, and he brutally attacked her. In the process, he sustained an injury to his hand, so he went to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment. Whilst waiting in reception, he spotted Sofie and started sending her photographs he took of Bo's battered body with her phone.

In cubicles, Adam greeted her as she was telling Bo that he was her husband and her attacker. Registrar Archie Hudson quickly escorted Sofie and Bo to the lift. However, Adam followed them and pinned Sofie against the wall. On the first floor, Sofie attempted to stand her ground and refused to leave with him, and he began to admonish her for leaving him. After he shoved Archie to the ground and started to harass Bo, Sofie stabbed him in his neck with her keys. He was rushed to resus, and consultant Will Noble and physician Ciaran Coulson succeeded in removing the key and tamponading the bleeding. (CAS: Episode 1133)

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