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Adam Trueman (born 14 August 1970) is a consultant in emergency medicine who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2007 to 2011.


Arrival at Holby City ED

On 15 September 2007, on his way to his first shift at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Adam noticed a young woman named Lauren preparing to jump from the top floor of the Lee Lane Multistorey. After joining her on the ledge and detailing the consequences of a failed suicide attempt, he managed to convince her not to jump, and he accompanied her to the ED with paramedics.

Later that day, journalist Tanya Healy - a witness to Lauren's suicide attempt - visited the ED to return a USB stick that Adam had dropped at the multistorey. Outside resus, healthcare assistant Alice Chantrey overheard Tanya discussing the possibility of her landing "a real scoop" and having a lead of Adam over the phone, and Alice unsuccessfully tried to stop her from following him into the lift. When she managed to intercept them on the first floor, Adam selected another floor, and he and Tanya shared a passionate kiss. (CAS: "Meltdown")

Behind the scenes

Tristan Gemmill portrayed Adam Trueman from his arrival in 2007 until 2011 on Casualty. In 2012, he appeared in a photograph.

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