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Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher (born 18 February 1975) is a nurse who currently works at Holby City Hospital.


Early life

At some point, Fletch married a woman named Natalie, (CAS: "Though Lovers Be Lost") and the two had a daughter named Evie and a son named Mikey together. (CAS: "#HolbyRiot - Part One") Fletch operated his own garage and worked as a mechanic, but he was forced to close it due to the Great Recession. When Fletch and Natalie were expecting their third child, Natalie twisted her ankle and was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment where she went into labour. After Natalie gave birth to a daughter named Ella, Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse. (CAS: "Zero Sum Game", "#HolbyRiot - Part One")[1] However, while Fletch retrained, he and Natalie grew distant. (CAS: "Isolated Incident")

First shifts in the emergency department

Fletch began working in Holby City Hospital's emergency department on 30 June 2012. Staff nurse Lloyd Asike had planned an induction for Fletch, but the latter arrived at work early and immediately got "stuck in". Consequently, Fletch struggled in resus as he did not know where specific pieces of equipment were located. (CAS: "Zero Sum Game")

Blossoming relationship with Tess

On 1 December, after clinical nurse manager Tess Bateman bought Fletch a salsa CD as a Christmas present, the two danced together in the ED's meeting room. (CAS: "My Aim Is True") Later that night, Fletch and Tess had a drink together, and the two kissed underneath some mistletoe. (CAS: "Mistletoe and Rum")

On 5 January 2013, Fletch was tasked with being student nurse Aoife O'Reilly's mentor. (CAS: "Rabbits in Headlights") Fletch saw himself as a paternal figure to Aoife, but Tess warned him that he was "playing a very dangerous game" when she found him hugging Aoife in the staff room. (CAS: "If Not for You...") Following her break-up with her fiancé Craig, Aoife began to develop a crush on Fletch and left him a card on Valentine's Day; after a short discussion, the two agreed to move past it. That night, after spending the evening together at The Hope & Anchor, Fletch and Tess shared a kiss. (CAS: "Ostrich Syndrome")

The following week, Fletch and Tess continued to flirt at work, but Tess later saw Fletch treating his daughter Evie with his wife Natalie present. (CAS: "Though Lovers Be Lost") During another shift, as the two kissed, Tess pushed Fletch away and asserted that they could not pursue a relationship; (CAS: "Isolated Incident") she even went so far as to rearrange the staff rota to avoid sharing a shift with him. (CAS: "The Milk of Human Kindness") Fletch grew frustrated with Tess' distant demeanour and accused of her of being in denial about her feelings towards him. However, after the mother of a patient who was responsible for a stabbing followed Tess home, Fletch and a shaken Tess shared a passionate kiss. (CAS: "Love Is the Drug")

Newton flats incident

On 22 June, while Fletch was observing paramedics Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon and Jeff Collier, the three was called to the Newton flats to tend to a diabetic woman named Stella suffering from ketoacidosis, but their treatment of her was stifled by a group of teenagers attacking the ambulance and launching fireworks at them. After being sent to retrieve oxygen from the ambulance, Fletch pursued a boy named Darren who proceeded to set off a firework in the flat of a man named Barry who had been accused of being a paedophile. Fletch attempted to treat Darren for inhalation injuries and was forced to perform a cricothyroidotomy to maintain his airway, but Barry refused to allow either of them to leave the flat in fear of violent retribution and threatened Fletch with a knife. Fletch managed to trap Barry in the kitchen and called for help; Dixie and Jeff soon arrived, and Darren's life was saved. (CAS: "What Goes Up")

Promotion to band 6

On 6 July, Fletch attended an interview for the band 6 senior staff nurse position that Linda Andrews previously occupied; despite him believing that he had put in a poor performance, Tess and Charlie Fairhead informed him that he had been given the job. (CAS: "A History of Violence")

Tess' pregnancy

By 13 July, Tess began experiencing sickness and believed that she was perimenopausal, but her test results showed that she was pregnant. Tess attempted to tell Fletch the news but was unable to do so before he left to go on holiday with his family. (CAS: "Secrets and Lies") Tess assumed that Fletch would not want the baby and decided to pursue a termination. (CAS: "Mistakes Happen") Unable to face seeing Fletch and her colleagues after going through with the procedure, Tess prepared to resign, (CAS: "Once There Was a Way Home - Part Two") but she ultimately decided to stay. However, upon her return to work, Tess suggested to Fletch that they stop seeing each other. Fletch initially accepted Tess' feelings, but he later professed his love for her; Tess claimed that she did not feel the same way. (CAS: "What You Believe") In October, after Tess felt dizzy at home, Fletch viewed her medical records and found that she recently had a gynaecology appointment. After Tess admitted that she was pregnant and had undergone an abortion, Fletch was hurt by her decision not to inform him. (CAS: "The Memory of Water")

On 28 September, Natalie was admitted to the ED after nearly fainting, and she and Fletch were informed that she was 12-weeks pregnant. (CAS: "The Longest Day") In December, Fletch came clean to Natalie and confessed that he had cheated on her, and she ordered him to move out. (CAS: "What a Wonderful Life")

Peter Trenton situation

On 28 September, Fletch treated a difficult diabetic patient named Peter Trenton who had sustained several rib fractures and had developed Charcot foot. Peter grew increasingly frustrated with Fletch when Fletch did not prioritise his care and discharge, and Peter confronted Fletch outside the department after Fletch allowed Peter's estranged son Adam to visit him. When Fletch stood up for himself, Peter collapsed. Later, Peter's condition deteriorated, and Fletch discovered that he had been given a potassium infusion by mistake. After finding that Tess was responsible, Fletch replaced her signature with his on the notes and took responsibility for the error. (CAS: "The Longest Day") An investigation into the incident commenced the following day, and Tess quickly realised what Fletch had done; Fletch admitted that he changed the signature because he cared for her and felt responsible for her losing focus. (CAS: "Love Hurts") At a tribunal, Peter accepted Fletch's apology for the error, and Fletch was given a final written warning and was forced to undergo IV training. (CAS: "The Memory of Water")

On 14 December, Peter was admitted to the ED after being electrocuted. When Fletch highlighted a set of chest injuries on Peter that were identical to ones he had sustained prior to his previous admission, Peter's partner Matt sidestepped the issue and accused Fletch of threatening and assaulting Peter. After CCTV footage emerged of Fletch and Peter's altercation outside the department in September, Fletch was taken to a police station for questioning (CAS: "Away in a Manger") and warned that he could be facing up to four years in prison if he was found guilty.

On New Year's Eve, Fletch witnessed an explosion at The Lightning Bar and heard that Peter was trapped inside. Fletch soon found Peter in the building and treated his injuries, but Peter believed that Fletch was homophobic and attempting to intimidate him by following him. After a section of the ceiling collapsed, Fletch managed to free Peter from some of the rubble and treated his hypoglycaemia; the two were subsequently rescued. At the ED, a grateful Peter told Fletch that he was not going to give evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service. (CAS: "For Auld Lang Syne")

Evie's disappearance

On 22 February 2014, after hearing Fletch and Natalie argue over the former visiting his children, Evie ran away from home. Fletch soon found her in a dilapidated house, but the ceiling collapsed, leaving Evie injured and trapped. Evie was extricated and taken to the emergency department, but Natalie crashed her car while driving there. When Natalie was taken in, Natalie assured Fletch that she was not trying to punish him, and Fletch told her that, if he could, he would have undone his affair. (CAS: "The Great Pretender")


Behind the scenes

Alex Walkinshaw portrayed Adrian Fletcher in Casualty from 2012 to 2014. He joined the regular cast of Holby City around a month after his departure from Casualty, and remains on the show today.

It was confirmed in June 2016 that Walkinshaw would reprise his role as the character on Casualty during the 30th anniversary episode at the start of series 31.[2]

Fletcher will make a cameo appearance on Casualty on 2 April 2022, following the end of Holby City earlier that week.[3]