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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Against the Odds" is the 948th episode of Casualty and the 33rd episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "Exile" and was followed by "Fix You". The episode was directed by Graeme Harper and written by Steve Bailie.


Charlie returns from Romania and sees Louis in the hospital. Charlie seems to be off his Game in this episode and he seems to see the worst in everyone instead of the best as he usually would.

A Man named Phil goes Looking for a boy named Marcus to give him a free skateboard, Phil's Skate shop want to sponsor Marcus and train him in skateboard competitions. However when Marcus gets heavily involved with some other lads they end up making him rob an arcade.

When the arcade owner goes off after the boys. his employees elderly mother wanders off down the street. Phil goes after Marcus knowing that he did it and when he catches up with him he makes him empty the money out. However when the angry arcade owner comes round the corner Phil tells Marcus to run and he falls down some stairs a few minutes later. The shop owner beats up Phil and ruins the skateboard. Phil goes looking for Marcus and when he finds him he calls an ambulance.

Meanwhile the elderly women has been picked up by Dixie and Iain after a passer by noticed her sat on the floor and she seemed to have drunken a lot of alcohol, she is taken in to the ED but it seems that she doesn't speak English. Lily talks to her in Chinese and the women admits that she has Leukaemia and is going to die and that she drinks to get rid of the pain. However Dylan and Lily soon work out that she doesn't have Leukaemia but does have another form of treatable Cancer.

Her Daughter then comes in with what she believes to be a broken arm and finds her mother. after developing a rash and becoming very irate Lily realises that she is diabetic and hasn't been giving the right medication. The diagnose her as having a Thyroid problem and put her on the right medication.

The arcade owner and friend of the Employee and her mother is later arrested for taking the women to back street dealers for medication and with holding there right to medical accesses. He was also taken bets on when the elderly women was going to die.