Aidan Forster is a man who lives in Holby.

Biography Edit

On 25 May 2019, Marc convinced his brother Aidan to help him break into Terry Poole's house, claiming that it would appease their landlord and help him afford to go to college. Once Terry left, the brothers entered the house and searched for money and valuables to steal, but Aidan insisted that there was nothing of value for them to take. Aidan began to panic, and Marc gave him a bottle of medication to calm his nerves.

When they entered Terry's daughter Georgy's room, she screamed in fear. Terry soon returned and attacked Marc and Aidan. During the fight, Marc tried to help Aidan up, but he accidentally dropped him onto a rake. With his brother bleeding profusely, he immediately called for an ambulance.

At Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Aidan was taken into resus, and Marc gave staff nurse David Hide the drugs that he had given him. His body temperature started to rise, and, once she took over his treatment, consultant Connie Beauchamp decided to manage his drug toxicity before taking up to theatre. However, when he began to develop serotonin syndrome, she elected to perform a peritoneal lavage. Despite registrar Archie Hudson's insistence on surgical intervention, Connie successfully lowered Aidan's temperature. David later informed Marc that his brother was going to make a full recovery. (CAS: Episode 1128)

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