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Albert "Big Al" Layne (died 17 August 2019) was a HEMS doctor who worked for the Wyvern Air Ambulance Service.


Marriage and fatherhood

At some point, Al married a woman named Karen, and she gave birth to a daughter named Abigail on 12 January 2002. However, Karen later left Al and Abigail, and she refused to make contact with them. (CAS: Episode 1151)


On 17 August 2019, Al was tasked with showing Holby City Hospital consultant Ethan Hardy the ropes during the latter's brief stint at the Wyvern Air Ambulance Service. However, they were soon called to Holby Market to provide medical assistance after a lorry deliberately ploughed through pedestrians and crashed. At the scene, Ethan treated father and daughter Andy and Jenny Grifith who were being crushed by a coffee van. Ethan decided to extract Andy first and free Jenny once the walls of the market were secured, but the market was evacuated when police sniffer dogs detected the presence of an explosive device. Ethan insisted on remaining by Jenny's side, but Al forced him to reconsider. However, the bomb soon detonated, and Al managed to shield Ethan from most of the blast.

Trapped under a pile of debris, a severely-wounded Al urged Ethan to not stop talking and "go out shouting", and the two started calling for help; unfortunately, Al quickly fell silent. Once the emergency services were allowed to return to the market, Ethan was rescued, but he was devastated to discover that Al had bled out and died. Al's body was subsequently taken to St. James Hospital. (CAS: Episode 1139)

Behind the scenes

Sam Callis portrayed Big Al on Casualty for one episode in August 2019.