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Alex Broadhurst is a consultant in orthopaedic surgery who currently works in Paris. Until 2018, she worked on Holby City Hospital's Orthopaedics Ward; she previously locumed on the hospital's Acute Admissions Unit as a general surgeon.


Early life

With Brian Felix, Alex published a textbook on medical trauma. At some point before February 2012, Alex took a break from practising medicine to update the textbook. (HC: "The Best Man")

Locum shifts on AAU

In the wake of the 2011 plastics scandal, Henrik Hanssen, Holby City Hospital's director of surgery, hired Alex as a locum consultant on the hospital's Acute Admissions Unit in February 2012 to monitor Michael Spence. (HC: "Throw In the Towel") On Alex's first day, she and Michael disagreed on the treatment of a drunk patient named Nathan; Michael was keen to get him into theatre for a splenectomy, whereas Alex was concerned about a potential head injury and felt that Nathan would not be able to keep to a life-long medication regime. Ultimately, CT scans showed no signs of head trauma, so Michael proceeded with the splenectomy. However, Michael encountered complications mid-surgery due to a liver laceration and was forced to page Alex. Together, they managed to suture the tear and stabilise Nathan. In the evening, Michael thanked Alex for her help in theatre, and the two agreed to cordially compete for the position of clinical lead. (HC: "The Best Man")

On 21 February, Alex attended her interview for the clinical lead post and proposed an overhaul of AAU's systems. Hanssen was impressed by her ideas and decided to award her with the post. In order to increase throughput, Alex was keen to appoint a deputy lead, but Michael refused to "play second fiddle". Later, after Michael discharged a young woman named Janelle shortly before finding out that she was pregnant, Alex suggested that his mistake was an attempt to make a point about her "efficient throughput" scheme. After Alex helped Michael track Janelle down, Michael thanked her and decided to accept the deputy lead position. (HC: "What You Wish For")

On 27 March, a 19-year-old student named Louisa Tindle was flown back to Holby after developing an unidentified illness in The Gambia; Michael was keen to lead the case, but Alex immediately took over, citing hospital protocol. She suspected that Louisa's symptoms were being caused by a desmoid tumour, but Michael scoffed at her suggestion and asserted that she had contracted a tropical disease; once Louisa was on the operating table, it was revealed that she had a rectal sheath haematoma which was caused by a botched morphine injection. Afterwards, a shaken Alex asserted that she should have waited before operating, but Michael assured her that she made the right decision. However, Michael took issue with Alex's decision to report Louisa's repatriation doctor Jeremy Summerville for his mistake, but she was unwavering as it was her "duty to the trust and the insurers". Michael confronted Alex and suggested that their feuds might have been the result of "physical" and "biological" factors. She vehemently denied Michael's suggestions, but she was open to a glass of wine "on a platonic understanding". In the end, Alex decided not to file an untoward incident report on Jeremy after he deduced that Louisa had an opioid intolerance. (HC: "Got No Strings")

On Alex's last day, Michael accidentally discovered that she had written a scathing report about him for Hanssen and confronted her. However, she later claimed that the report had since been revised. After the final report was submitted and reviewed by Hanssen, Alex told him that Michael was "worthy of a fresh start". As Alex prepared to leave in a taxi, Michael offered to take her out for a drink, but she suggested that they "quite while [they were] ahead" and left the hospital grounds. (HC: "Throw In the Towel")

Stint in orthopaedics

In March 2018, Bea Kinsella competed with Eddie McAllister on the Orthopaedics Ward for a place on the international trauma course that Alex taught at. After operating on a patient, she asked Eddie to finish the procedure, but he then asked Bea to do it as one of his contact lenses was giving him grief. Whilst drilling, Bea accidentally chipped the drill bit on something, which later left the patient with lead poisoning. At a dinner that Alex organised, Bea covered for Eddie and took the blame for the error. However, Alex knew what actually happened, and she assured Bea that she was still a contender for the course. (CAS: Episode 1076)

In July, Alex selected Bea for the trauma course after Eddie took responsibility for telling a patient that they were paralysed. (CAS: Episode 1089) Later that month, she asked Bea for her travel itinerary to Paris. Later that day, in the ED's new trauma theatre, Connie took over an operation Alex was leading as she and her team were facing complications. That evening, Bea informed her that she had emailed her flight itinerary to her team and agreed to meet her in Paris. (CAS: Episode 1091)


Behind the scenes

Sasha Behar portrayed Alex on Casualty for three episodes in 2018. She previously portrayed Alex in Holby City for a brief guest stint in 2012.