Alex Broadhurst is a consultant who currently works on the Orthopaedics Ward of Holby City Hospital as the head of the department.


In March 2018, Bea Kinsella competed with Eddie McAllister on the Orthopaedics Ward for a place on the international trauma course that Alex taught at. After operating on a patient, she asked Eddie to finish the procedure, but he then asked Bea to do it as one of his contact lenses was giving him grief. Whilst drilling, Bea accidentally chipped the drill bit on something, which later left the patient with lead poisoning. At a dinner that Alex organised, Bea covered for Eddie and took the blame for the error. However, Alex knew what actually happened, and she assured Bea that she was still a contender for the course. (CAS: Episode 1076)

In July, Alex selected Bea for the trauma course after Eddie took responsibility for telling a patient that they were paralysed. (CAS: Episode 1089) Later that month, she asked Bea for her travel itinerary to Paris. Later that day, in the ED's new trauma theatre, Connie took over an operation Alex was leading as she and her team were facing complications. That evening, Bea informed her that she had emailed her flight itinerary to her team and agreed to meet her in Paris. (CAS: Episode 1091)

Behind the scenes

Sasha Behar portrayed Alex on Casualty for three episodes in 2018. She previously portrayed Alex in Holby City for a brief guest stint in 2012.


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