Alfred Maxwell (1940 - 12 April 2015)[1] was a retired cardiothoracic surgeon suffering from motor neurone disease when he was admitted to the ED in March 2015. He died around a month later, and his death led to a whole ordeal for Connie when Rita accused her for killing him, and police were involved.

Behind the scenes

Michael Byrne portrayed Alfred Maxwell for six episodes of Casualty in 2015.

His age was revealed to be 71 in the episode "The King's Crossing" which aired on 18 April 2015. But this isn't accurate as he claimed to be 16 in 1956 which would have put his age at 75.

When he first appeared in Casualty, his carer mistakenly called him Dr Alfred Maxwell. He then corrected her by saying his name was Mr Alfred Maxwell as he used to be a surgeon not a doctor despite the fact he held a degree in medicine. This is a UK tradition going back hundreds of years during a time when surgeons had no medical training and had to be directed by a doctor. When doctors become surgeons they lose the title Dr but they still have a medical degree and they go back to being called Mr/Mrs/Miss. For example Mrs Beauchamp used to be a surgeon and that is the reason she is called Mrs.


  1.; He was admitted on 12 April 2015 (although the episode aired on 18 April it took place on the day after the previous week), and on this date his age was stated to be 71, making his date of birth 1943 or 1944. As he died on this date as well, he would have been 71 at the time of his death.
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