Alice Jones is a woman who resides in Holby.


In 1989, Alice became neighbours with Ken Jeffords. On 6 July 2019, when she became fed up with is dismissal of her and decided to move house, Ken started piling rubbish on his front garden to turn off prospective buyers. Alice confronted him about his actions, but he suddenly began to experience chest pains and collapsed.

Ken was taken into Holby City Hospital's emergency department, and he insisted that Alice was merely his neighbour. In reception, she told staff nurse Marty Kirkby that she had gotten attached to Ken, but, since he apparently did not care about her, she was moving. In Ken's cubicle, when consultant Dylan Keogh informed him that he was not dying, Alice reprimanded Ken for misleading her about his health and making her worry; when he suggested that she only cared about her house getting sold, she decided to leave. He told her to retrieve his overnight bag if she needed to feel wanted, and she begrudgingly agreed on the condition that she would leave it in reception so he would never have to see her again.

She subsequently entered Ken's house and was shocked by its squalid state. In his living room, she found a box filled with medication. However, when she tried to step over his ottoman, she slipped and fell over. She was then taken into the ED, and she gave Dylan the box of drugs. Later, Marty took Alice to visit Ken, and he gave her a cactus as a present. He promised to help her whenever she needed assistance and explained that he did not want her to move house. (CAS: Episode 1134)

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