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"All's Fair" is the 165th episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 10th series.


A boxer is told to throw a fight by his trainer on the orders of a local criminal family; he does so when his brother is threatened but suffers head injuries and dies in hospital. His trainer and brother blame the other boxer. A group of students go out after a party, leaving their flatmate alone. He unknowingly eats a cake made with marijuana and throws himself out of a window. He recovers in hospital and the girl who made the cake apologises to him. A former army nurse who believes she has Gulf War Syndrome deliberately drives her car into a lorry; her husband, a fellow soldier, has been following the army's line that the condition does not exist but Baz convinces him to talk to her. Tim turns up claiming a television set fell on him and tells the staff he and Rachel are dating in secret. Trevor arranges for security guards to escort the staff to their cars. Laura has the programmes for the ball printed but they fail to mention Peter's company. Charlie speaks with Peter and realises Baz has not said anything to him; Charlie tears a strip off Baz and leaves with Zoe.

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