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[[Category:2012 episodes]]
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[[Category:Lenny centric]]
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"All in a Day's Nightmare - Part Two" is the 819th episode of Casualty and the 38th episode of the 26th series. It was preceded by "All in a Day's Nightmare - Part One" and followed by "Zero Sum Game". The episode was directed by Jon Sen and written by Tony McHale.


In the second episode of this two-parter, Linda's niece Britney faces serious danger from an internet predator, while on Lenny's last day in Holby, his medical skills are put to the test. Britney has arranged to meet someone she met chatting online, but the man is not 19 years old as he claimed to be. When the man takes Britney back to his flat, she soon finds herself in an extremely threatening situation. Can Lenny and Linda track her down in time?. Meanwhile, the Chilcot family are back in the ED after a fight breaks out in a nightclub and eldest son Matthew collapses. Dylan diagnoses that Matthew is a sickle cell sufferer and that he will urgently need a bone marrow transplant. What more family secrets will be revealed as they search for a perfect tissue match?. Elsewhere, Scarlett and Lloyd fall out over her treatment of his family, and the team bids farewell to a prickly but popular colleague. Template:Series 26

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