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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"All the Single Ladies" is the 967th episode of Casualty and the sixth episode of the 30th series. It was preceded by "Belief" and followed by "Rules of Attraction". The episode was directed by Steve Hughes and written by Mark Catley.


Whilst walking in the park a woman walks into a tree. She is treated by Lofty and Dylan and she seems to have a very extensive history of injuries. She names herself as the most unluckiest women on the planet but Dylan and Lofty think there’s more to it. The woman was on her way to court to fight for her daughter because the courts think she was harming herself but it only makes Dylan look harder for a cause. After going to get a drink she spills hot water on her and is back in cubicles. Lofty continues to quiz the women and Dylan manages to diagnose her with a nail in her head, putting pressure on the part if her brain the controls balance. Lofty is keen to make a friendship with Lofty and when Dylan tells him that Dervla has no where to go he offers to take her in until he is better.

Ian and Dixie are planning to go out drinking but when Dixie remembers that they have to go to a departmental training event. Whilst training they find a 'patient' and Dixie says he's dead but the trainer wants them to preform an operation in the dark instead. They treat the patient but the trainer locks them in and so they have to find another way out although he is determined that they fail. They are called out on a shout in the training and Dixie are split with to other paramedics Jess and Rocker. Dixie and Iain are taken to the scene but are not aloud to treat anyone but when the realise the chimney is missing they find the owner in bed with the chimney on top of him.

Lily treats a man with blood in his urine and pain in his arm. But when Alicia and Louise want to treat him due to him been good looking Lily refuses to let them. Lily and Alicia manage to diagnose him with a muscle diseases. However when he lies to her about who he is Lily becomes upset.

Dixie bails on drinks for Jeff when Jess rocks up and wants to go for a curry after Iain asks her What Would Jeff Do? Everyone else gathers in the pub and makes a toast to Jeff. When Lily gets drunk, she starts making bad jokes. Max and Zoe talk whilst in the pub and Max says that he wants a divorce. Outside the pub Rita and Iain share a kiss.