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Template:EpisodeBoxNew30 "All the Single Ladies" is the 966th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 30th series. It was preceded by "Belief" and followed by "Rules of Attraction". The episode was directed by Steve Hughes and written by Mark Catley.


Iain and Dixie are pushed to the limit during their Height and Rescue training, but they prove themselves and sparks fly when Dixie meets Jess.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Lofty treat an accident-prone patient, which the patient puts down to being clumsy. Lofty assigns himself and Dylan the mission of seeing whether her accidents are linked to a medical condition that could help her with a looming court case.

Elsewhere, Lily takes great interest in a patient when she discovers that he's a banker, but the cause of his symptoms makes Lily suspicious and her interest quickly fades when she learns the truth.

Also, Dylan is grateful when Lofty offers to look after his dog Dervla, Max asks Zoe for a divorce after a long day, while Iain and Rita kiss.

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