Ally Hunter is a former student nurse, who began working at the emergency department of Holby City Hospital in 2013, but quit two weeks later due to a bad experience. During her brief time in the department, Ally's mentor was Charlie.

She arrived alongside 3 other student nurses; Robyn Miller, Jamie Collier and Aoife O'Reilly, mentored by Linda, Lloyd and Fletch, respectively. Of these three, only Robyn remains working the department today, now as a band 5 nurse. Despite getting off to a solid start, Ally decided that she couldn't cope after an incident involving a coach crash and schoolchildren left her feeling horrified. Following her departure, it was narrowed down to the other three to compete for the two available band 5 staff nurse positions available. Eventually, Robyn and Jamie got the jobs, but Jamie later left in 2014.

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