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"Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea" is the 719th episode of Casualty and the 33rd episode of the 24th series.


A much-loved face returns to the Emergency Department, while Adam’s friendship with Lyn and her young family ends in a hostage situation.

Following his heart attack, Charlie returns to the ED, where Tess demands that he perform light duties only. But the experienced Charlie is deeply bored in cubicles and, after much nagging, Tess allows him to return to resus, where he belongs.

Frustrated by the results of the paternity test, Jordan is taking out his bad mood on everyone, particularly Zoe. When Zoe tells him she’s decided to accept Matt’s proposal, his mood worsens. But when Zoe confronts him, he wrongfoots her by asking her out for a drink. Will the newly engaged doctor succumb to the old Jordan charm once more?

On what would have been Harry’s first birthday, Adam is behaving recklessly. After an altercation with a concerned Alice, in which Adam pushes her over in anger, Jordan asks the troubled doctor to leave the hospital.

Meanwhile, Lyn has served her estranged husband, Vince, with divorce papers. Furious, he sneaks a rifle into the ED, hoping to confront Adam, but instead leaves a note threatening Lyn. Deeply concerned, Adam makes his way to Lyn’s house. Can he get to her and the boys before a gun-wielding Vince causes real harm?

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