Amanda Franks is a young woman from Holby who was first admitted to the ED in April 2012 following a fall into an underground cave system in a woodland. A man who was with her, David, died before getting to the ED as she was rescued first.

She returned to the ED that November with her unwell friend Helen. She was also eager to see Sam and Dylan who had saved her from the cave back in April. Happy to see Dylan, she asked him out on a date, and Sam encouraged it. However, he later lost interest when he caught sight of Sam and Tom flirting.

Amanda left Holby the following month when Dylan snapped at her at the staff Christmas party. He believed that she had developed feelings for him but he just wanted to be friends, but in reality that was all she wanted too.

Behind the scenes

Connie Fisher portrayed Amanda Franks for five episodes of Casualty in 2012, across the 26th and 27th series.

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