Amira Zafar is an agency nurse based in Holby. In August 2016, she spent a shift in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital on the day of the helicopter crash.


She first met the staff of Holby ED on 27 August 2016 during an agency shift, but Charlie noticed her lax attitude to the job once her shift started. Although she later tried to apologise to him, he shouted at her due to the stressful situation which had ensued as a result of Connie arriving in resus after her car crash.

As the already eventful day turned into disaster when the helicopter crashed outside the entrance, Amira took the opportunity to flee the scene. However, on her way out she noticed a boy named Kai sitting outside with breathing difficulties. She brought him into the ED and had a brief conflict with Louise as to whether he was allowed to be treated due to the closure of the department. Amira began to treat Kai and he soon admitted to her that he caused the helicopter crash by flying his drone.

Amira later informed Elle that she'd found a radiologist and that they could scan Grace. At the CT scanner, Grace started fitting and Amira urgently called for someone from the ED. Kai's parents Steve and Charlotte arrived to see Kai and Amira informed them that the police would want to speak to him. She also said that they'd be informed on what happened to Grace. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

In February 2017, Amira was present at the tribunal of Elle, after she had a complaint lodged against her by Connie. Amira wanted to prove Elle's innocence, but with Connie's lawyer coercing her into saying things out of context, she was unable to defend her. During the break, Amira had to leave but before she did she wished Elle good luck. (CAS: "You Are Your Only Limit")

Behind the scenes

Poppy Jhakra portrayed Amira Zafar for two episodes of Casualty. She first appeared in 2016 in the 31st series premiere and anniversary episode. Poppy reprised her role as Amira on Holby City for five episodes between 2017 and 2019.

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