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"And the Walls Come Tumbling Down" is the 851st episode of Casualty and the 28th episode of the 27th series. It was preceded by "With and Without You" and followed by "Punch Drunk Love". The episode was directed by Joss Agnew and written by Emma Goodwin. It is the first ever Robyn centric episode.


Robyn is skiving off work with her friend, Fran, at the local fairground. Robyn's assistance is soon required when the owner of the fairground punches a man dressed in an Easter bunny suit. When the paramedics arrive, Robyn is embarrassed, as she'd called in sick earlier that day. Later on, the owner along with his son, daughter and mother-in-law all end up in the ED. It transpires that the mother-in-law has a mass in her lung, and the owner's daughter has been left in a car for hours, and developed breathing problems.

When the staff begin to have suspicions about the Easter bunny's intentions, he steals some of the hospital's supplies and heads back to the fair. Intoxicated, he makes his way into the back service entrance to the ghost train. Scared by the robotic ghosts and vampires, he punches one of them, which sends one of the support beams onto the track. Robyn and Fran are on the ride, and their car ends up being flipped upside down. Robyn calls Linda for help, and she's able to stabilise Fran.

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