Andrea Somerton is a former work colleague of Connie Beauchamp. She first visited the ED whilst in Holby in July 2014. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.


Connie became angry at the fact Andrea was intervening with her job and interfering with the running of the ED. To Andrea's amusement, Cal was acting particularly nice to Connie and her, and she compared their relationship like a dog to a bone.

A few months later in September, Andrea returned to the ED and continued to boss Connie around and tell her staff what to do. However, Andrea insisted in performing more tests for a particular young boy patient who she knew. Shortly after, Connie asked Andrea when she was planning on returning to the United States, and their arguments regarding the boy's treatment became obvious. At the end of the shift, Andrea and Connie met again and Connie told her it was okay after her plan ended up making the boy worse.

Behind the scenes

Rebecca Egan portrayed Andrea for two episodes of Casualty in 2014, one in series 28 and the other in series 29.

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