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Andrew "Drew" Nicholson-Heath is a consultant general surgeon.

Known throughout the medical community as "The Poacher", he spends several days doing locum work at hospitals while scouting for both highly-competent physicians and incompetent ones. By the end of his contract, he would have offered the hospital's best surgeons handsomely-paid job offers abroad and reported the weakest links to their respective department heads.


While working at Merby Park Hospital, Drew had a brief relationship with Ange Godard which ended when she began viewing him as a "self-centred narcissist who's got all the morals of a stoat".

On 16 June 2020, Drew attended a shift on Holby City Hospital's Acute Admissions Unit as a locum after being cleared by human resources. He supervised CT1 doctor Cameron Dunn as he treated a roofer named Geoff who was suffering from sharp abdominal pains; Cameron was confident that Geoff had mesothelioma, but Nicky McKendrick contended that it was most likely lymphoma. Drew and Ange concurred with Nicky's diagnosis and allowed her to assist on a laparotomy. Interested in seeing Nicky in action, Drew allowed Nicky to perform a small bowel anastomosis and was impressed by her surgical skills.

After the surgery, Geoff's drain came loose; Cameron claimed that Nicky's sutures were too tight, but Drew was not convinced by his hypothesis and realised that Cameron was responsible. Privately, Drew presented Nicky with the opportunity to attend a job interview at a wealthy hospital in Dubai, but she declined. At Albie's, Drew told Cameron about his offer to Nicky, and Cameron asked if he could attend the interview instead; Drew turned him down, asserting that he lacked the necessary experience. Later, Drew warned Nicky about Cameron and advised her to "watch [her] back", but Nicky was unmoved. Unbeknownst to Drew, an indigant Cameron keyed his Bentley in the car park. (HC: Episode 1031)


Behind the scenes

John Barrowman portrayed Drew in Holby City for one episode in 2020.