Angel Spencer (4 August - 15 September 2007) was the daughter of Selena Donovan and Nathan Spencer.


Premature birth and death

On 4 August 2007, Selena was mortally wounded when a psychotic woman accidentally shot her. She was taken into resus, where Harry Harper insisted on performing a caesarean section on her to save her unborn child. Consultant Theo "Stitch" Lambert eventually agreed, and Angel was born 13 weeks premature. (CAS: "To Love You So")

Nine days after Angel's birth, she suffered a brain haemorrhage which affected her breathing centre. On 14 September, she was deemed fit enough to be taken off the ventilator, but she struggled to commit to the new effort she had to make. The next day, Angel went into asystole, and paediatrician Andy Fishman decided to put her back onto the ventilator. Later that day, Nathan was informed that Angel had been diagnosed with an E. coli infection, and her kidneys were shutting down. Charlie Fairhead and Andy warned him that Angel was beyond the point of recovery, but Nathan refused to believe that his daughter was dying and demanded her to be kept ventilated. However, after Andy suggested that they take her off the ventilator and allow him to hold her during her final moments, Nathan began to accept her impending mortality and agreed. In a private room, Nathan cradled Angel until she passed away. (CAS: "Meltdown")

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