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"Angels and Demons" is the 548th episode of Casualty and the sixth episode of series 21. It was directed by Chris Lovett and written by Stephen McAteer.


The paramedics attend the scene of a car crash, and Comfort and Dixie manage to free a man from the wreckage moments before the car explodes. The pair are subsequently called to a flat and find a young girl named Therèse with burns to her hand. Comfort quickly suspects that Therèse is being abused by her community's pastor Gabriel and opposes Sean's decision to send her home. When confronted by Josh, Sean claims to have smelled whiskey on Comfort, and Comfort is forced to undergo a blood test.

Sick of having her concerns dismissed, Comfort takes action and forces her way into Therèse's house; Therèse's aunt Marta claims that Therèse is possessed by a demon, and Gabriel tried to exorcise it by burning her. Marta eventually sees reason and gives Comfort the name of the road Therèse is being held at and learns from Sean that she is being taken to the docks. Comfort and Sean intervene shortly before Therèse is burned with a hot iron and save her. Sean apologises to Comfort for doubting her, and the two agree to have lunch.

Kelsey volunteers to treat a man with multiple sclerosis named Joe to gain more points in the alphabet game, but Joe claims to have unprotected sex and demands to be given PEP. Kelsey turns him away, so Joe refuses to leave until he gets what he wants. When his girlfriend Annie is called to the ED to talk sense into him, she is devastated after she tricks him into admitting his infidelity, but the two quickly reconcile. Kelsey and Ellen accidentally rip a patient's notes while fighting over who gets to treat them which results in Tess finding out about the game and reprimanding Kelsey for her recklessness.

Nathan is nervous when he is called to an emergency board meeting. Afterwards, Nathan announces to the team that the strategic health authority has decided to downsize to one ED for the whole of Holby, meaning that either Holby City's ED or St James' ED will be closed down.


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