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Anton Meyer (born 1950/1951) is a Hungarian consultant in cardiothoracic surgery. He worked on Holby City Hospital's Darwin Ward until August 2002.


Early life

Meyer was born in the early 1950s in Hungary. Following the 1956 revolution, his parents, who were intellectuals, fell foul of the new government and fled the country with Meyer in 1957. However, his parents struggled to adjust to their new home and died of "broken hearts"; the loss of his parents greatly inspired Meyer to make others better.[1] When Meyer became a surgeon, for some time, he practised in general surgery. (HC: "Kill or Cure")


On 12 January 1999, during a heart transplant, Les Kenyon — the father of a patient who was rejected as the recipient due to poor health — burst into theatre and threatened Meyer with a scalpel. Despite Les ordering him to speak to him, Meyer dismissed him, and Les was forced out of the room after being disarmed. (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?")

On 2 March, Meyer was invited to the Mallingford Clinic to demonstrate the Ross procedure. However, he was interrupted by registrar Nick Jordan asking for advice on how to approach operating on sister Jasmine Hopkins who had been stabbed. Upon Meyer returning to the hospital, Jasmine had been taken back into theatre; when her condition deteriorated, he managed to resuscitate her. (HC: "Staying Alive - Part Two")


Kirstie, I've literally just started with this maniac, and, I tell ya', already he makes Colonel Gaddafi look like Rupert the bear.
— Nick describes Meyer to Kirstie Collins. (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?")

Emboldened by the death of his parents, Meyer worked diligently to become a doctor and help to make other people feel better.[1] One of the greatest pleasures in his life was becoming a qualified surgeon and going back to a mister.

Meyer is renowned for his imposing and arrogant demeanour; transplant co-ordinator Peter Ellis has witnessed some of his peers "dribble" at the mention of his name. (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?") In and out of theatre, he does not hesitate to insult or ridicule his colleagues if he believes their work is not up to his high standards. (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?"; "Happy Families") He typically dislikes being called away from meetings and conferences with other eminent physicians as they are one of his few moments "in the spotlight". (HC: "Love and Death") His colleagues sometimes accuse him of being "single-minded", but he openly embraces it — he does not aim to be liked; he works to meet his targets and get results. (HC: "Never Judge a Book...")

However, despite his ego, Meyer cares greatly for his patients. He is meticulous in regards to time-keeping as he believes that "wasted time is wasted life". (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?"; "Brave Heart")



Nick Jordan

Nick began working with Meyer on 12 January 1999. While performing a heart transplant together, while Meyer criticised Nick's poor punctuality when he returned from Cornwall late but praised the condition of the harvest. (HC: "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?") However, the following week, Meyer criticised Nick's "lack of compassion and commitment" in his work and told him that he could surprise them both if Nick "[wrestled his brain] out of cruise control". (HC: "Happy Families") On 26 January, Meyer received a scathing report about Nick from his previous supervising consultant James Roberts. When he confronted Nick in theatre about Roberts' comments, Nick explained that he took issue with Roberts' prioritisation of non-emergency cases to shorten his waiting lists; Anton told Nick that he should have approached him with his concerns instead of making a public spectacle. (HC: "Kill or Cure") By 23 February, Meyer was confident enough with Nick's surgical abilities to allow him to patch a ventricular septal defect independently. (HC: "Take Me with You") On 2 March, Meyer praised Nick's work after he successfully operated on Jasmine — who had been stabbed — and saved her life. (HC: "Staying Alive - Part Two")

Muriel McKendrick

On 9 February 1999, Meyer confronted Muriel about her taking one of his beds for a non-surgical case. Later, when Muriel's patient began to deteriorate, Meyer offered to take them to theatre, but Muriel insisted that it was not necessary. (HC: "Never Judge a Book...") Later that month, Meyer learned that Muriel had contacted the trust and proposed creating four new medical beds on Darwin. (HC: "Take Me with You")

Victoria Merrick

Before Victoria began working on Darwin in January 1999, Meyer was well-acquainted with her father and eminent neurologist Charles. (HC: "Happy Families") On 9 February 1999, after Victoria unintentionally damaged a patient's vocal cords while performing an emergency cricothyroidotomy, Meyer assured her that she saved the patient's life and allowed her to observe an operation on a newborn baby. Privately, Meyer told Victoria that he felt that she was trying too hard, and her eagerness to play the heroine might have resulted in her patient permanently losing his voice. (HC: "Never Judge a Book...") In March, after being informed that Victoria had been taken amphetamines to get through her shifts, Meyer told Victoria that she was not allowed to tend to any patients and that he did not want a "junkie" on his team. (HC: "Staying Alive - Part Two")


Behind the scenes

George Irving portrayed Meyer in Holby City from its inception from January 1999 until August 2002. He also played the character in the 2002 Casualty episode "Broken Hearts".


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