Arianne Cornell is a professor of medicine and Director of Cardiology at St. Eugene's Hospital, London.


Arianne attended King's College London with Connie Beauchamp. The two greatly disliked each other from the start and became fierce rivals. Their disdain for each other intensified when Connie got into a relationship with a man that Arianne was involved with. (CAS: Episode 1066)

In May 2002, she became the youngest cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Eugene's Hospital. In February 2014, she was made an honorary professor at King's College London for her groundbreaking research. She also won the Queen's Award for Enterprise. (CAS: Episode 1066)

In January 2018, Connie travelled to St. Eugene's with Ethan Hardy to have Arianne operate on her heart tumour. Although she initially took on the case, she later agreed with the surgeons at Holby and deemed Connie unfit for surgery. However, she was later forced to operate after Connie experienced heart failure. The following morning, Connie was thankful to Arianne for removing the tumour completely. (CAS: Episode 1066)

Behind the scenes

Sara Stewart portrayed Arianne in Casualty for one episode in 2018. She made two further appearances in Holby City in 2018 and 2019.


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