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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Asking for Miracles" is the 172nd episode of Casualty and the 20th episode of the 10th series.


Mike and Rachel have spent the night together but afterwards Rachel is harassed by Tim. He later turns up at the hospital after taking an overdose and refuses counselling. Mike resigns on learning the board are going to support Reeve-Jones; he takes a job in Africa with Doctors Without Borders and asks Rachel to go with him. A traveller is planning to move on over the objections of his blind wife and teenage daughter; he tries to drag his daughter away from school and in the fracas his wife is hit in the head by a car door. At the hospital, it is discovered her blindness, which she thought was the result of diabetes, is actually cateracts and therefore reversible: She convinces her husband to stay. A worker on a building site has bet all his money on horses despite his wife being threatened by loan sharks. He is distracted when he hears on the radio that he lost and hits a co-worker with a concrete block, killing him. His wife leaves him. Two young professionals have been out drinking all night and the woman starts vomiting blood during a presentation. Her boyfriend is convinced to try and give up his heavy drinking lifestyle. Peter comes to see Charlie to ask what is going on with Baz; Baz tells him of their affair and her pregnancy. Ash is visited by his father Frank who is unhappy about him marrying Laura.