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"Away in a Manger" is the 885th episode of Casualty and the 18th episode of the 28th series. It was preceded by "What a Wonderful Life" and followed by the special episode "The Spirit of Christmas". It is the final episode airing and taking place in 2013 before the Christmas break. The episode was directed by Robert Del Maestro and written by Sasha Hails. This episode marks the departures of Sam Nicholls, portrayed by Charlotte Salt, and Tom Kent, portrayed by Oliver Coleman. However, Salt later returned to the show in series 32, almost four years later.


When Fletch starts his shift, he's pretty certain life can't get any worse. Having been thrown out by his wife Natalie after he told her about his affair with a co-worker, he has now found himself kipping on a sofa bed at Robyn and Jamie's house.

The return of former patient Peter Trenton to the hospital, suffering from a serious electric shock at work, brings trouble for Fletch. Fletch soon suspects Peter is being physically abused by his partner Matt, as he has nasty bruising on his chest, identical to injuries he was treated for previously. Defensive Matt angrily turns the tables on Fletch and accuses Fletch of attacking Peter the last time they were at the hospital.

Fletch denies assaulting Peter, but admits they had a minor confrontation outside the hospital, and Peter fell over. This is all the ammunition Matt needs to deflect attention from himself. He then calls the police, who review the CCTV footage of Fletch and Peter outside the hospital and arrest Fletch at work.

Elsewhere in the ED, Sam and Tom are all dressed up and ready to tie the knot, before planning to leave Holby. However, Sam's betrayal with Iain soon comes to light. Fortunately the couple manage to reconcile their differences and end up getting married in the hospital chapel, before driving off in a horse and carriage.

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