Barbara Cassano (died 8 June 2019) was a woman who lived in Holby.


On 8 June 2019, Barbara was struck by Chris Nicol after he lost control of his motorbike during a robbery. Dani Mallison appeared at the scene and attempted to perform a tracheotomy on her, but paramedics Iain Dean and Ruby Spark arrived before she could make an incision. She was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department where she was treated by registrar Archie Hudson. She asked if she had any relatives that she could call for her, and Barbara explained that her son Jim was living with his family in Vancouver. She asked Archie if she would be able to visit them, and she told her to take "one step at a time".

Barbara later complained of a headache and finally decided to have her family called. However, her health rapidly deteriorated, and Archie and the team tried to resuscitate her. When her CT scan results showed that she had sustained a catastrophic brain injury, the team agreed to stop, and Barbara was pronounced dead. (CAS: Episode 1130)

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