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"Battling On" is the 160th episode of Casualty and the 8th episode of the 10th series.


A bouncer comes home from work and finds his mother has bought his younger brother a new computer. When the mother gets a phone call saying her son has been beaten up, she assumes it is the older one but in fact it is the younger son; she has been selling prescription drugs to raise money and he was beaten up by local drug dealers as a warning. Jude questions Charlie about cuts only to be told the reason for them. A man waits until his wife and daughter have left home then dresses up in women's clothing; he falls down the stairs and is found by a window cleaner. At the hospital, his wife accepts his lifestyle. A member of the Salvation Army is having a relationship with a woman that his commander disapproves of. He crashes his car, resulting in his father being slightly injured, and announces he is leaving the army. Charlie calls Social Services when a girl with an injured foot is left alone at the hospital while her mother goes for a job interview. Peter is at the hospital organising a fundraiser and Charlie calls things off with Baz again when she cancels a date to see Peter's mother.

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