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Barbara Helen "Baz" Wilder (née Samuels, formerly Hayes and Fairhead; died 10 January 2004) was a doctor and former consultant at the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital. She was a very good and competent doctor and when she temporarily became head of the department, she was very capable of taking control. Baz had done extremely well in her career and did a good job of managing a family too.

Baz changed a lot over the years. To begin with she was a bit reckless and flirtatious, but then she started concentrating on the job.

She fell in love with Charlie in 1986. She then left and came back at the end of 1995 married to Peter. In 1996, her and Charlie fell in love and they had an affair behind Peter's back when she fell pregnant with Charlie's baby. Later that year saw the start of a new relationship with her and Charlie as they had a baby Louis. 1997 saw Charlie and Baz getting married but Baz left and their relationship continued long distance. Baz was back in the middle of 2003 but she was remarried to Dan Wilder. Things between her and Charlie soon got going and they fell in love again but it wasn't meant to last as sadly Baz died following a car crash.

Behind the scenes

Julia Watson played Baz Wilder on Casualty. She made her first appearance in 1986 and her final appearance in 2004.