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Bea Kinsella, is an F1 junior doctor who currently works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital.

Character Profile

Bea Kinsella is a feisty junior doctor, who arrived at the ED in February 2018. Keen to make a good impression she turns up all ready on time, however, due to stress on the ED (red alert), she was left to wait outside Resus while clinical lead Ethan Hardy and doctor Alicia Munroe handled the overflow of patients. She waits in the staff room with Noel Garcia for someone to sign her off for her first shift. After doctor Alicia Munroe had signed her off, herself and Rashid see Elle Gardner for their first load of patients. After swapping with Rashid, Bea cares for a patient with a head wound. When Rashid's patient's surgery wound split open, it was up to Bea to help Elle Gardner to re-insert the internal organs, after Rashid ran out of Resus once again.

When explaining this to Rash she describes the process of the organ re-insertion as "Stuffing sausages into a bag" - right in front of the patient's daughter, who immediately files a complaint. After being involved with an argument, clinical lead Ethan Hardy calls Bea into his office after her first shift ended, to tell her that he would become her mentor, watching over all of her patient/hospital work.


  • Bea is originally from Ireland, as she has a strong Irish accent
  • Bea is shown to vape at the end of Episode Twenty-Two
  • She previously knew Dr. Rashid before starting work at Holby.
  • She holds the title of F1 - as she is a junior doctor
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