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"Bedside Manners" is the 868th episode of Casualty and the 1st episode of the 28th series. It was preceded by "Mistakes Happen" and followed by "Once There Was a Way Home - Part One". The episode was directed by Jon Sen and written by Steve Bailie. This episode also marks the first appearance of Lily Chao portrayed by Crystal Yu.


When a masked gang set upon Susan and Elliott, the robbery soon leads to chaos. As Elliott struggles to fight back, Susan rushes back to the car and attempts to escape. But it's not a clean getaway and Elliott is soon forced to call for help, but will the couple be able to keep their secret?

As Jeff and Dixie take the pair to the ED, one of the robbers who suffered an injury is dropped off by his gang for treatment. As new trainee Doctor Lily assists Ash, she soon finds a worrying link between the three patients.

Meanwhile, Dixie helps a feisty elderly lady who is stopped in her tracks when she's knocked over by a bike.

Naming disputes

Although the BBC website states the episode title to be "Bedside Manner", in-episode at the start it's called "Bedside Manners". Wikipedia also cites the episodes name to be the latter, as well as various other TV sites.

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