Rebecca "Beka" Levy (born 2001/2002) is the daughter of Sacha Levy.

In March 2019, Sacha went with Beka to a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription. There, they bumped into Ric Griffin's granddaughter Darla, and Sacha offered her a lift to school. As they left, Darla hid a pregnancy test kit in Beka's bag. When the kit accidentally fell out, Sacha noticed, and they started to argue. Suddenly, Sacha accidentally crashed the car into a barrier, sending the car flying into a field. Although Sacha and Darla crawled out of the wreckage relatively unscathed, Beka was trapped with a dislocated shoulder and an open femur fracture.

When the medical team and fire service arrived, Elle was forced to relocate Beka's shoulder in order to free her. Once they arrived at the ED, Dylan and Marty immediately took her to AAU. After an argument between her father and Dylan, Beka screamed in agony as Dylan and Marty reduced her fracture. She was then taken for a scan, and she begged Essie to stay with her. (CAS: Episode 1118)

Behind the scenes

Francesca Barrett portrayed Beka in Casualty as a crossover character from Holby City.


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