Benjamin "Ben" Carrow (born 6 March 2001) is a young man who lives in Holby.


On 14 July 2019, Ben tried to shoot a sparrowhawk with his air rifle after it attacked his pigeons, but his sister Primrose shot him in the buttock with an air pistol to stop him. This caused him to fall onto a television aerial, and one of its elements became embecdded in his leg. Despite being aware of what she did, he decided not to grass on her, and he walked to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment.

There, he told the medical staff that he was stung on his buttock by an insect, but, upon log-rolling him, porter Rosa Cadenas identified his injury as a small-calibre wound from an air gun. As consultant Connie Beauchamp tried to ask him if he knew who the perpetrator was, his mother Gail burst in and promised to reprimand him once she found out who shot him. She ordered Ben to tell her, but both Primose and Rosa suggested that he was not going to.

After Gail told her that she would involve the police if Ben did not reveal the identity of the shooter, Primrose admitted to Rosa that she was responsible. She eventually confessed to Gail, and she decided that she would wait until Ben returned from theatre before she enacted any punishment. (CAS: Episode 1136)

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