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Benjamin "Ben" Harding is a psychiatrist who has worked with various staff members in the Emergency Department since 2008. He is the partner of former ED doctor Toby De Silva.


Ben met doctor Toby De Silva at a bar. Although Toby had been in a previous heterosexual relationship, his encounter with Ben made him realise he was gay and the pair slept together, and were spotted by Toby's landlady and friend Maggie Coldwell. When Toby left the emergency department in 2009 he entered into a full-time relationship with Ben.

One of his visits was caused when paramedics Jeff Collier & Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon become stressed after Dixie hit a patient over in the ambulance. He has also helped Martin "Ash" Ashford when he was unable to cope when he was to blame about Jeff's death as he felt guilty.

In August 2015, he gave Dylan a session in an attempt to combat his OCD caused by a good luck charm he had found outside the ED in the previous weeks.

Behind the scenes

Mark Letheren has portrayed Ben Harding in Casualty since 2008 as a guest character, with his most recent appearance in 2015.


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Ben made his first appearance in 2008 and his most recent in 2015.