No, don't worry, this isn't me whinging again ;)

There seem to be a lot of conflicting information when it comes to series 32 episode titles. We have gone down the route of naming them after the preview clips but some other sources seem to share a different source.

Digital Spy's spoilers for series 32 show different episode titles. They have episode 1 listed as 'Dr Dylan' and episode 2 as 'All My Sins'. A user on the DS Forums also highlighted that Inside Soap used the title 'Dr Dylan' for episode 1.

I'm raising this issue because it does beg the question - should we, too, adopt these titles. These two sources seem to share one common informant, whereas we're basing our titles on completely different pieces of media. I'm willing to bet that more people will recognise the titles "Dr Dylan" and "All My Sins" from these news sources than the clip titles (especially if these names are being used in printed media) so I'm proposing that we use these new titles, rather than the preview clips. In this case, we can easily reference the origin of the titles, instead of disclaiming that we're just using a substitute.

I would quite like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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